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We Rebranded: Audio Electronics, Inc., / AEI is now


—   We Rebranded

Audio Electronics Inc., / AEI is excited to announce our new brand:

Pro Tech Media Solutions Group

We will always remember our old name affectionately but could not be more thrilled for this next chapter in our company’s story.

Why Rebrand

We began helping clients improve their in-store experience in 1989.  It was a great time…the technology of the digital age was just dawning for the audio/video industry, while analog technology was at its apex…the times have certainly changed!


While “Audio Electronics Inc., or AEI” was perfect for what we did then, our company is very different today from three decades ago.  We have moved far beyond just providing the basic solutions for audio and video: Our media solutions now include…

Our media solutions now include…

Background Music Systems

Music Program Services

Digital Signage 

Audio Video (A/V) Systems
for Indoor & Outdoor

Integration & Control Systems

Low Voltage Systems

Surveillance Systems

Distributed Antenna Systems
(DAS) Network Systems

Public Address (PA) Intercom

TV / Video Systems / LED Video Wall

Digital Signage Subscription Services

Access Control Systems

Network Cabling

Temperature Scanners & Kiosk

In addition, we have invested heavily in our support teams and have expanded the markets we serve. 


30 years


—   Our new name

Our new name had to capture our commitment to not only a comprehensive technical understanding of the audio video industry but also the expanded services we provide.


Pro Tech Media Solutions Group captures our deep understanding of the industry – not just through buzzwords and hype, but by delving into the fundamentals that drive new digital technologies and how they can be translated into fully realized solutions.


It also conveys our respect for the incredible amounts of research and development in science and technology that has made current media solutions possible.  Today’s technology allows a full immersion of the senses…it’s like magic. We fully embrace the digital transformation and are excited every day to play a vital role in the success of our clients.

Why Pro Tech Media Solutions Group

—  Our commitment to you

True to our roots

Our name is changing to better capture the full scope of the services we offer, but our core values and mission has not.  We maintain the same passionate devotion to customer service and commitment to helping our clients attain the best possible solutions.


—   What's next

The future

Audio Electronics Inc. has brought us far, but we are extremely excited that Pro Tech Media Solutions will be providing the best solutions in the ever-changing world of tech with our new range of services.  We are forever grateful to our clients who have made this possible and look forward to the future as we strive to continually enhance the customers’ experience.

Expect some exciting new products and updates to level up in 2021!

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