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3 Professional Audio and Video System Upgrades for Your Company

When it comes to a conference room setup, many people tend to overlook the pieces of AV equipment within.

Different people will have different ideas about what is the most important part of using a conference room.

“The presentation deck that our clients view”

“When the meeting is set”

“The location of the conference room”

“The atmosphere of the meeting”

These are just a few of the different answers that working professionals and company heads might give when asked about what the most important part about using a conference room is.

Let’s face it: when was the last time you witnessed a disaster in the conference room? You’re probably going to recall a few instances where a projector didn’t work, or that one time the speakers were missing during a video presentation. The truth about conference rooms is that they’re only as good as the AV equipment that’s in them.

To ensure that your conference room is better-equipped to meet business meeting needs and client satisfaction, here are a few professional audio and video systems upgrades to consider:

1. Wireless internet with a fully-equipped ethernet backup


Modern businesses now expect more internet service providers in terms of wireless internet connection, especially because they are taking the digital route for their operations. Every meeting nowadays requires a stable internet connection, which makes it even more urgent to have wireless internet in your conference room. However, in extremely rare cases where your wireless internet may fail, it’s a good idea to have your conference room backed up with ethernet to make sure that nobody falls behind on deadlines and opportunities.

2. Tested audio solutions


A common issue that most conference rooms struggle with is that they have outdated audio systems that make a standard conference call much harder to carry out. Miscommunication is a mistake that you can’t afford to make, especially when it comes to business calls that require every pertinent detail to be understood clearly. To avoid crackling, muffled words, and distorted sound, a tested audio solution can help keep your communication experiences and conference calls in unhampered high definition.

3. 360 conference cameras


As menial as it may sound, most employees find a certain level of dissatisfaction when dealing with conference calls where they can’t be seen, leading to lower engagement rates. However, it is vital to avoid mistakes, which it’s best with a 360-degree angle conference camera that can include everybody in on the call with a full view of the room. If you have a bigger budget, you can also opt for a high-quality smart camera that will highlight anyone speaking. With a 360-degree angle conference camera, it will be much easier to bridge the physical gap with high-definition footage that makes it feel as if other team members are there during conference calls.

4. A video conferencing software that integrates into your workflow


Without a reliable video conferencing software that can be used during conference calls, every professional video and audio system upgrade you invest in may be rendered useless. Video conferencing software, such as Zoom, Skype for Business, and Google Hangouts can make it much easier to host smooth conference calls. Behind every successful conference call is a video conferencing software that a company can depend on during crucial meetings.

Investing in your conference room’s AV setup is a strategic move that can help your business advance easily towards meeting various company goals and achieving target sales rates.

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