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4 Traits Your Audio Visual (AV) System Manager Should Have

There’s more to an audiovisual (AV) system than selling and installing it. Most people don’t know how much effort, skill and time go into managing an AV system.

Given how complex they are, you need someone who can supervise the installation and maintenance of an AV system. AV system managers are your partners; they will help your organization make the most of the AV system you acquired. But what characteristics should you look for in a capable AV system manager?

1. Strong organizing skills


An AV system manager should be able to form a team that will keep the system in good working order. At first glance, AV system installation and maintenance appears straightforward, but the steps involved in these tasks require different personnel with different skill sets.

For example, designers are involved in installing lighting and acoustic components. They will have to survey the area where the system will be placed. The designers will work with the electricians and engineers who will, in turn, make sure that the components of the AV system are powered and stable. The IT specialists will ensure the system’s internet connection is stable, not to mention its integrity and security.

An AV system manager will coordinate everything that needs to be done by assigning the right personnel for each specific job. When each phase of the installation is complete, the system manager will ensure that the accomplishment of tasks is carried over seamlessly from one phase to another. As such, this position requires strong organizational skills.

2. Transparency and openness of communication


Before buying and installing an AV system, the manager should have provided a breakdown of the costs and a timeline of the project. They should take the initiative to know and understand what the client needs an AV system for. Because they will consult with the client often, an AV system manager should have open and accessible communication lines at all times.

Also, a lot of activities are involved in setting up and operating an AV system. Therefore, an AV system manager should keep in touch with their client to provide them updates on the progress of the installation and subsequent maintenance or repair work.

3. Provides adequate training for their personnel


While it is a given that an AV system manager will hire the most competent staff for the project, they need to ensure the knowledge and skills of their staff meet industry standards. By doing so, they will ensure that the client will get only the best available solutions for their AV needs.

4. Long-term vision


Installing an AV system is only the beginning. After it’s up and running, an AV system will need upgrades, maintenance, and repairs from time to time. Thus, an AV system manager should be able to provide ongoing support services even if the system is already in place.



You should partner with an AV system manager that has all four traits. AV system management is the most challenging part of owning and running an AV system. It’s far more complicated than procuring and installing the system itself. You spent a lot of money on your AV system, and the only way you can be sure you’ll get your money’s worth is by hiring a competent manager.

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