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A Guide to the Right Audio System for Your Conference Room

The conference room is the face of your company, as it’s where your clients and business partners will meet with you. Therefore, it’s essential every part of the room is as perfect as possible to ensure people will have the best experience while they’re there.

The sound system is one of the most integral parts of the conference room, as it’s a vital part of communicating to a potentially large audience. Having a properly designed audio system will allow you to have concise and productive meetings.

Here are a few questions you should be asking in the process of choosing the right audio system for your conference room:

What is the purpose of your conference room?


The first thing you need to do when choosing an audio system for your conference room is to make sure it suits your needs. For example, if your company deals mostly with overseas clients, you will need a high-quality audio and video system with a large display screen. This will make sure everyone in the room can hear and see what’s being said very clearly, which will help the meetings run smoothly.

If you deal with local clients on a regular basis, it’s best to set your conference room up to make sure those who visit are comfortable. The audio and video system may not require the tele/video conferencing capabilities used by businesses that cater to outside and overseas clients. However, it should still be high quality and allow for professional presentations both from an audio and video perspective so people in the room are impressed with the professionalism you want to display.

How about the layout of the room?


It’s crucial you install an audio system that fits the overall layout of the room to ensure everyone can be a part of the meeting. You should also consider the additional features of your room such as the Bluetooth and WiFi signal transmission. You want your audio system to benefit from these technologies. Many people expect everything to be wireless which is not only convenient but also keeps the room looking very professional without wires running across the table or floor. It’s crucial to make sure that everything is compatible which will impress everyone in the room.

What do you need the audio system for?


Lastly, you have to think about what you’re planning to do in the conference room to make sure you get an audio system designed to meet your needs. For instance, if you’re planning to use it only as a meeting room, you may only need a display with a sound bar. That will suffice in smaller huddle rooms when you’re pitching something to your clients. However, if you have a larger room such as a conference room, it is vital to have a custom designed audio and video system that allows everyone to easily present, hear and see everything clearly.

Your choice will depend greatly on your business and what your needs are, so keep that in mind when choosing the AV professional to design and install your conference room systems.

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