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Digital Signage Solution from Key Digital for attention-grabbing Video Wall installation

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Grocery shoppers are treated to a superior digital signage and video wall installation at their local Crossroads IGA stores, while Key Digital tech enables easy installation.

Digital signage is an explosive trend and most businesses want in on the latest action. But what about companies that are known to think outside of the box? What about end-users that demand options not limited to what every competitor can showcase?

“The General Manager of the Bowling Green location went out of his way to commend the painless installation process and the end result,” said DeWayne Rains, Vice President of AEI. “They love the way the display grabs your attention as soon as you walk in the store. It is definitely something that sets this store apart from the rest!”

The Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) is one such business. They have a history of side-stepping the mundane and duplicate themes found in chain grocery stores, and their video wall needs for digital signage is no different. Founded in 1926, IGA brings together independent grocers across the United States to foster and support entrepreneurial family-owned local grocery stores. With the rise of cookiecutter grocery store chain competition, IGA stores stand out as distinctively unique, just like the communities they serve. Neighborhoods across the U.S. are being served by second, third and even fourth generation independent IGA retailers. And IGA is expanding across the globe, as well; IGA’s Hometown Proud stores can now be found all around the world. Houchens Industries based in Bowling Green, KY is proud of their Crossroads IGA branded stores.

When Houchens Industries expressed their digital signage needs for their three new Crossroads IGA locations opening in Evansville, IN, Prospect, KY and Bowling Green, KY to Audio Electronics (AEI), AEI knew to turn to Key Digital for products that deliver a broad scope of functions.

Key Digital is an award winning developer and manufacturer of leading-edge technology, consistently delivering total video systems solutions. The company manufactures a wide range of digital video processing and video signal distribution solutions as well as control systems marketed broadly to the HDTV community, such as digital video and audio processors, switchers, distribution amplifiers, cables, adapters, and more. Houchens requested an attention grabbing three display video wall to be hung free-floating above a refrigeration area without mounting to any wall.

While this seems like a straight-forward desire with today’s technology, competitor’s large external video wall processors and pricey monitors with built-in video wall capabilities limit their applications in custom installations.

Case Study


Key Digital’s KD-VW4x4PRO video wall processor’s compact size and rich feature set made it the perfect fit for IGA’s needs. While most AV companies can accommodate requests for video walls, Key Digital has designed a product that transcends the need to rely only on video wall monitors. Their product, the KD-VW4x4PRO, offers a flexible video wall processing solution with seamless matrix switching support. The KD-VW4x4PRO is a cost effective video wall processor designed to allow customers and integrators to use standard displays and digital signage for their video wall needs. This video processor opens the door for countless possibilities on the wide selection of displays available, and also the configuration of the video wall processing mode. The KD-VW4x4PRO’s eight video wall modes include: four horizontal: 1x4 rotated, 1x4, 1x3, and two sets of 1x2; and three vertical: 4x1, 3x1, two sets of 2x1, and typical 2x2 setup. Four HDMI/VGA inputs accept digital/analog video and audio from computers, media players, set top boxes and other sources. With the eight onboard video wall processing modes, the four outputs can be configured to display video from a single input over a four-output video wall.

Perhaps the most ingenious feature on the KD-VW4x4PRO is what separates it from any similar competitive products. With the product’s Panel Flip feature integrators can install their top row of televisions upside down to reduce the gap in the middle of the video wall due to the thick bezel on the bottom of their consumer panels. There’s no doubt that this product is the perfect fit for all applications with video walls up to four panels.

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