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Key Digital Delivers Stylish Technology Upgrade to Classy Nashville Restaurant

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Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill delighted with design customization of the Key Digital control system, Compass Control® Pro, and its hardware ecosystem.

Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill is an upscale restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee with a penchant for a polished and sophisticated design. From the architecture in their beautiful establishment down to the composition of their signature menu and innovative wine list, Stoney River focuses on pleasing the aesthetic.

“The customized Compass Control Pro GUI boasts a refined, clean, and minimalist interface, which perfectly fits the upscale atmosphere of Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill. And most importantly, it is very user-friendly.”

– Dewayne Rains, VP of Operations and Audio Electronics

Stoney River needed a control system to smoothly orchestrate their dinners, parties, meetings, and private settings for groups of 10 to 65. The control system would need to have a userfriendly GUI to configure the functions of their Wine Room, West End Room, Vanderbilt Room, and Vanderbilt Room and West End Room combined. For their upgrades the restaurant owners called on Audio Electronics, Inc., an audio visual company located in Nashville, Tennessee that delivers full service installations and system integrations for the most discerning of customers.

AEI has turned to Key Digital Systems time and time again to provide quality solutions, and they knew that the Key Digital hardware and software ecosystem would provide the seamless control and stylish design necessary for this technology facelift. To give the staff an easily controlled system with simple but customized commands, Compass Control Pro was the obvious solution. The Compass Control® Pro system affords the user the ability to customize the experience available in every room. Key Digital’s KD-SX440WP simplistic all-in-one wall-plate input presentation switcher and extender kit was an ideal match for Stoney River’s presentation needs within each room.

Compass Control® Pro, the most modern control system in the AV industry, is fully integrated and built from the ground up to use iOS & Android devices to replace traditional control interfaces.

Case Study - Stoney River Steakhouse & Grill

There are no restrictions on the design and layout of a Compass Control Pro interface, and AEI took full advantage of the extensive design capabilities to provide a customized GUI that fit in perfectly with the Stoney River ambiance. With the simple touch of a button on the Compass Control Pro system, one room in the restaurant can be completely altered independently of the other spaces. Key Digital’s KD-SX440WP transmit unit is a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing wall plate with HDMI and VGA plus audio inputs ideal for mounting on wall or in table pockets. Stoney River’s KDSX440WP wall plate in each private area allows end-users to simply plug-in and start using their presentations with the offered autoswitching.

Key Digital’s Compass Control® Pro system and hardware solutions allow independent, streamline, and fluid control over the array of existing infrastructure systems and ultimately enhanced Stoney River’s ability to service their guests. “With the simple press of a button the workers can control the multiple televisions to adjust to the customers’ needs. It looks very simple to the customers and to the workers. Most importantly, it is very user-friendly.

The customized Compass Control Pro GUI boasts a refined, clean, and minimalist interface, which perfectly fits the upscale atmosphere of Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill,” said Dewayne Rains VP of Operations and Audio Electronics.

“Every retail company needs Compass Control Pro because it can solve many issues that are common in business and restaurants. With Compass Control Pro it takes no time at all to set up a room, and the system is so user-friendly that anyone can use it. It is definitely a control system for anyone, not just tech professionals!”
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