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Key Digital’s Compass Control® Pro Cultivates Harmonious Work Environment at Reliant Bank

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Audio Electronics, Inc. integrates robust, user-friendly corporate board room solution with an easy to use all-in-one control system at Reliant Bank Tennessee Branch.

Reliant Bank is a full-service commercial bank that offers a variety of deposit, lending and mortgage products and services to business and consumer customers. At Reliant Bank the happiness of their employees is of utmost importance. They believe that employee satisfaction directly affects their customer satisfaction, and providing an enjoyable office atmosphere decidedly lends to the happiness of the staff.

“Our new AV control system is simple to use - yet very powerful. A couple of selections on the iPad and you are doing a wireless presentation from any device or multiple devices in the room. The system delivers everything we wanted and then some,” said DeVan Ard, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Reliant Bancorp, Inc.

When Reliant Bank envisioned their new corporate headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee they wanted a robust but user-friendly corporate board room to give the employees the most out of every meeting, and only the best control system for the audio video technology would suffice. The new corporate headquarters would need an audio video system with teleconferencing and video conferencing capabilities as well as the ability to do wireless and wired video presentations. They also needed an option for wireless presentations in select executive offices and a small training room. Every audio video solution needed to integrate with an easy to use all-in-one control system.

A variety of staff would utilize the board room, and Reliant Bank wanted to provide their personnel with a control system that ensured perfect performance every time. Audio Electronics, Inc., a full service audio visual company located in Nashville, TN, turned to Key Digital’s Compass Control Pro to harmonize the varied audio video technology needed for this installation. Compass Control Pro is a fully integrated control system built from the ground up to use iOS devices to replace traditional control interfaces.

The biggest challenge was in the board room containing a 30’ long conference table. Every person seated in this large room needed to be able to view and easily read video presentation material.

To accomplish this a Vivitek Corporation DH4671Z 5500 Lumen Laser Projector and Da-Lite Advantage Electrol Projection Screen (137” diagonal) were installed. Additionally, all participants needed to be heard clearly in the room during a teleconference or videoconference. Audio Electronics installed the ClearOne Converge Pro 2 Teleconferencing DSP processor with their Beamforming Array 2 Conferencing Microphone. The microphone has 24 separate microphone elements in it to track voices anywhere in the room and adjust to them so that the person speaking sounds as clear in the farthest seat in the room or the closest.

“The AV equipment in the Reliant Bank corporate headquarters is more than impressive, but the true magic of the installation is Key Digital’s Compass Control® Pro system. Utilizing iPads as control panels, Key Digital’s Compass Control® Pro system gives the customer complete control of the entire audio video system. The control system is designed to control the projector, screen, projector sources, audio levels, and teleconferencing and video conferencing systems on a very user friendly and intuitive interface. We even programmed in a “one button” push to connect to their teleconference bridge instead of having to dial the entire number. Any video source playing on the screen automatically plays any applicable audio over the system which is also controlled on the same screen on the iPad controller. The customer is extremely pleased. Simplicity of use was the goal and Compass Control® Pro allowed us to custom design a control system that accomplishes a great number of complicated tasks on the back end that are so easy for the user on the front end. With Compass Control Pro every employee can operate the system which leads to a more stress-free work environment.”

said DeWayne Rains, Vice President of Operations for Audio Electronics.

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