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Why Your Hotel Needs Integrated AV

Audiovisual or AV is the use of a medium that integrates audio and visual with the purpose of communicating information to the audience.

In a very simple way, AV means:

“To process both a sound and a visual element.”

Some examples of things that involve AV are films, television programs, church services, board room presentations, political conventions and live theater productions.

In general, AV services make it possible for video conferencing, web streaming, and live broadcast services to be reality. AV services are also used in schools and universities in cases such as the use of projection equipment and interactive technologies.

When it comes to operating in the hospitality industry, having the right AV services in your establishment is something of the utmost importance to consider.

While many hotels offer a variety of facilities, not all provide adequate AV services for their clientele. Since hotel and accommodation options range from large corporate operations to local family businesses, it’s best to assume that installing a proper AV system is not a project you can undertake over a weekend.

While portable AV equipment can be used, fully integrated AV systems are truly what most hotels and convention centers need to meet the demands of their customers. Some only have small meeting rooms and perhaps a nice lobby while others have extravagant halls, large conference rooms, and much more. No matter how large or small the conference room or banquet room stage is, an integrated AV system elevates the quality of any size establishment.

Have you experienced poor service in the past?


Unfortunately, hotels often purchase equipment that isn’t needed or worse, fall victim to scams and poor installations. When this occurs, you lose a considerable amount of time and money, only to end up extremely frustrated.

Your company needs the expertise of a professional AV integrator to avoid running into problems such as unexpected costs, time delays, and technical malfunctions. This takes a toll on small companies with limited budgets. Thus, the solution is to consult with a proven professional AV integrator before starting a new AV project. They will provide useful advice and fantastic service to ensure you end up with a professional and high-quality integrated system without having to worry about any issues during the installation process.

You need the help of a professional like AEI


The simple solution is to contact a professional company that specialize in integrated AV and control systems. At AEI, we understand you don’t want to spend extra money for unnecessary products or services. By hiring a professional AV integration company with years of experience like AEI, you can ensure your hotel AV is in good hands and your needs are being met. You can relax while we design and implement a spectacular AV solution for your hotel that is easy for anyone to operate and can handle the smallest meetings to the largest presentations and performances.

We have professional AV designers, engineers and programmers who are proficient in solving complex problems that would leave any amateur clueless. We will provide you with ongoing support for the entire project and beyond. This means, if you have any issue along the way, we will work promptly to ensure your problem is resolved expeditiously. This allows your team and employees to focus on other important issues like how to maximize the benefits these technologies offer by keeping your hotel running efficiently.

What better way to add value than making it possible for people to host incredible events with flawless AV services?
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